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 Hanfei Bionic Breast-implant Augmentation


Bionic Breast-implant 
The optimum implant, selected by considering the
individual body shape, and the expertise of Hanfei
medical cosmetology, can create beautiful cleavage
and natural movement of breasts.

Brazilian model Cleo
Breast Augmentation
Surgical Method  5S Bionic Augmentation
                            by Breast-implant

Transformation    A Cup → D CUP

In the modelling world, there is a proud aptitude with a full boobs. Cleo's figure is evenly proportioned, But the chest is also evenly proportioned possibly a unsatisfied thing. In order to pursue a breakthrough in her career, she is attracted by Han Yu's technology and has traveled from Brazil to China for a breakthrough.

  Expert doctor            Preoperative      Measuring Chest
   consultation                Routine           Data and Design 
   Determine               Examination              Solution
surgical method

                    Breast Augmentation    Sexy Shape            Hot Dance
         Surgery in Progress     after Surgery                          





is Hanfei Bionic Breast-implant Augmentation?
Breast Plasty

Teardrop implant a tear drop shaped implant, loaded with innovative technology,
customized for Asian women through A, B, C, D golden ration prediction system
In the meantime, round shaped implant was used for breast augmentation;
you can feel the difference of naturalness at Hanfei's by using implants in from
of real teardrop and measuring precise size.





Hanfei Bionic Breast-implant Augmentation?
Breast Plasty